About the McConnell Foundation

We are a private Canadian foundation that contributes to diverse and innovative approaches to address community resilience, reconciliation, and climate change. We do so through funding and investment partnerships, strengthening capabilities, convening, and collaborating with the public, private and non-profit sectors.



We envision a future in which our economy and social systems promote the thriving of all people, and in which the natural environment is stewarded for generations to come. We see all sectors working together to address climate change, to help foster reconciliation, and unleash individual creativity and organizational resources to solve social challenges and strengthen communities.


We strive for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable society that can successfully address its complex challenges.

Associations and affinity groups

Canadian Environmental Grantmakers’ Network
A national network of philanthropic foundations and other organizations supporting efforts to transition toward a more sustainable world.

The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
An open network promoting giving, sharing, and philanthropy in Aboriginal communities across the country.

Early Child Development Funders Working Group (ECDFWG)
A cross-Canada learning network of philanthropic foundations advocating for high-quality, publicly-funded, early childhood education and care for every preschool child.

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food
A coalition of foundations leveraging resources to help shift food and agriculture systems towards greater sustainability, security and equity.

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
A diverse community of over 550 grantmakers working to reshape the way philanthropy operates by promoting strategies and practices that help grantees achieve meaningful results, and success.

Green Budget Coalition
A national organization that presents analyses of the most pressing issues regarding environmental sustainability in Canada and makes a consolidated annual set of recommendations to the federal government regarding strategic fiscal and budgetary opportunities.

Imagine Canada
A national charitable organization working — often in partnership with the private sector, governments and individuals — to ensure that charities continue to play a pivotal role in building, enriching and defining our nation.

Mental Health and Wellness Affinity Group
A network of private and corporate foundations funding in the areas of mental health and wellbeing.

The Northern Manitoba Food, Culture and Community Collaborative
A collaborative of northern community members, northern advisors, funders and other organizations working together to foster healthier and stronger communities in northern Manitoba.

Philanthropic Foundations Canada (PFC)
A member association of Canadian grantmakers promoting the growth and development of effective and responsible foundations and organized philanthropy in Canada.

Public Policy Forum
An independent, non-governmental organization dedicated to improving the quality of government in Canada through dialogue among leaders from all sectors of Canadian society.

Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)
As the world’s primary network focusing on social innovation, SIX helps individuals become better innovators by connecting them to their peers, sharing methods, and exchanging solutions globally.

Canadian Food Funders’ Collaborative
The Canadian Food Funders’ Collaborative aims to deepen collective understanding across a range of critical issues, broaden the discussion about what creates sustainable food systems, and inspire collective action.