Year in Review

As part of our continuing effort to be more transparent and accountable, we have committed to publishing annual Year in Review reports going forward. These Reviews shine a light on the work of our partners and share an overview of our finances, including both our charitable giving and impact investments. We hope they offer insight into our work and provide clarity on the steps we are taking to bring our practices into even greater alignment with our mission and vision.

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Year in Review 2021

After more than eight decades in operation, we are trying something new. Welcome to our first-ever Year in Review!

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Impact Investing Report

Our annual Impact Investing reports provide an overview of our impact investing approach, as well as an update on our efforts to align our investment strategy with our organization’s mission and vision. McConnell started its impact and responsible investing journey in 2007, and our practice continues to grow and expand. As we evolve, we aim to learn from others, to do more and to do it better, and to adapt our philanthropic and investment practices to the needs of our time. We hope these reports will give you a glimpse of this work as we continue our learning journey thanks to the efforts of our investment partners.

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Impact Investing Report 2020

Our systems approach to impact investing keeps growing, as we continue to ask: how can investments respond to complex societal situations? This has never been truer than in 2020, when it was vital that the philanthropic sector step up, adapt and respond quickly to urgent needs resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Impact Investing Report 2019

The past 10 years have been an extraordinary learning journey for us thanks to the work of our investment partners — our investees — and even those who are not part of our current portfolio but whose work we learned about during the review process. One of the most valuable lessons has been the resulting expansion of our own understanding of and vision for the promise of mobilizing investment capital to improve the state of the world. 

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