Our Team

Leadership & Staff

The McConnell Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprising family members who set policy and assure the Foundation’s good governance. Their leadership and judgement defines the Foundation’s work in Canada’s philanthropic sector. The Board and Foundation are served by a small staff headquartered in Montreal. If you want to apply for funding, please read the Funding section first. For any other comments or inquiries, please write to us here.

Staff Directory (alphabetical order)
Natasha Alani - COO (Chief Operating Officer)
Lorraine Balleine - Director of Finance
Erica Barbosa Vargas - Director, Solutions Finance
Steve Bernstein - IT Manager
Annie Bérubé - Program director
Alexia Bhereur-Lagounaris - Program Officer, Innoweave, Quebec and francophone communities
Douglas Brodhead - Program Officer, Innoweave
Natalie Chapdelaine - Program Manager, Innoweave,
Quebec and francophone communities
(on sabbatical until September 2021)
Ryan Conway - Program Director, Innoweave
Jacob Dicker - Program Officer, Innoweave
Jayne Engle - Program Director
Maha Fakih - Investment Analyst
Nicolina Farella - Program Director
Jorge Garza - Program Officer
Saskia Gaucher - Associate, President's Office
Aaron Good - Vice President
Sonia Greco - Funding Administrator
Lydia Hetenyi - Funding coordinator
Ana Sofia Hibon - Associate, Innoweave
Adrienne Hiles - Communications Manager
(on maternity leave until July 2021)
Kelly Hodgins - Program Officer, Re-Code
Beth Hunter - Program Director

Rosemarie Iapalucci - Funding Manager
Brian Jackson - Senior Program Officer
Marie-Caroline Juneau - Senior Program Officer
Hayley Lapalme - Associate Director, Nourish
Chad Lubelsky - Program Director
Laurence Miall - Director, Communications
Wayne Miranda - Social Finance Investment Readiness
Heidy O'Donova - Impact Investment Analyst
Lili-Anna Pereša - President and CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
Edmund Piro - Director, Investments
Jennifer Reynolds - Associate Director, Nourish
Marie-Lyne Rizkallah - Operations Associate
Andrea Rodriguez - Social Innovation Fellow
Sabrina Saint-Louis - Executive Secretary
Anna Maria Scarpato - Board Secretary - Office Manager
Alexandra Schuller - Administrative Assistant, Cities for People
Julie Segal - Sr. Analyst, Solutions Finance and Impact Investment
Josh Snider - Program Officer, Innoweave
Adam Sommerfeld - Senior Designer, Communications
Keren Tang - Participatory City Development Manager
Emilie White - Digital Communications Officer