About the McConnell Foundation

The McConnell Foundation is a private Canadian foundation that develops and applies innovative approaches to social, cultural, economic and environmental challenges. We do so through financial support and investing, capacity buildingCapacity building: the process of developing and strengthening skills, knowledge, abilities, processes, resources and leadership to advance positive social impact., conveningConvening: to bring groups together to aid in the understanding of shared problems and to foster collective action., and co-creationCo-creation: refers to the way that foundations can go beyond granting, investing or convening to directly frame strategic action, work together with partners, and use their position and power to generate momentum for social change. with partners.


We want a country in which:

  • public, private and social sectorsSocial sector: this sector (sometimes called the volunteer sector, or, more broadly, civil society) encompasses organizations that are not-for-profit or non-governmental, in contrast with the public or private sector. are engaged in active efforts to close the gap between the socioeconomic wellbeing of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people
  • the public sector, private investors and philanthropists separately and collaboratively deploy financial capital to create positive social and environmental impact
  • social innovation is an integral part of Canada’s innovation ecosystem, enabling civic institutions to co-create policies, initiatives and programs that enable citizens to contribute a diversity of skills and perspectives to Canadian society
  • public, private and civil society sectors act collaboratively and courageously to advance human thriving and address shared challenges
  • humans’ social and economic footprint is in balance with the natural ecosystems that sustain life.


We envision a Canada in which the economy and social systems advance the well-being of all people, and in which the natural environment is stewarded for future generations. We are committed to reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, and seek to unleash the resources and creativity of individuals and organizations from all sectors to solve social challenges.


The McConnell Foundation supports Canadians in building a more inclusive, innovative, sustainable and resilient society.