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July 2010

Report: YouthScape Guidebook: Changing the Landscape

by Natasha Blanchet-Cohen, Elaina Mack, and Michele Cook

Through case studies, stories, activities, and practical recommendations, this guidebook offers insights and tools to bring youth engagement to life.

Tags: Inclusion, Engaging Youth

July 2010

Publication: DE 201: A Practitioner’s Guide to Developmental Evaluation

by Elizabeth Dozois, Marc Langlois, and Natasha Blanchet-Cohen

Builds on the concepts outlined in A Developmental Evaluation Primer by articulating some of the key practices associated with this work.

Tags: Evaluation, Engaging Youth, Resilience

March 2010

Report: Letter from ArtsSmarts: A Word from the Executive Director

by Annalee Adair, Executive Director, ArtsSmarts

ArtsSmarts is a learning strategy for student success in the 21st century.

Tags: ArtsSmarts, Engaging Youth

February 2010

Report: Developmental Evaluation Report: A trek through the YouthScape landscape

by Marc Langlois

Offers insights about the youth engagement initiative, YouthScape, through the eyes of its Lead Developmental Evaluator.

Tags: Engaging Youth, Evaluation, Grantee reports

December 2009

Report: Reflecting on the Youthscape Initiative: Learnings and Recommendations from Calgary

by Elizabeth Dozois

Shares highlights and develops recommendations based on experiences from YouthScape's Calgary site.

Tags: Engaging Youth, Inclusion

December 2009

Report: A Dialogue - Free the Children: Final Reflections and our Reply

Youth empowerment and leadership service, Volunteer Now!, reflects on their organization with a reply from the Foundation.

Tags: Inclusion, Grantee reports, Engaging Youth, John Cawley

October 2009

Report: Journalists for Human Rights: Final Thoughts

by Ben Peterson

This final report consists of a series of lessons learned and reflections on managing a successful school chapter program. It was written by Ben Peterson, jhr’s Co-Founder and Executive Director, who was involved with jhr’s Chapter Program every step of the way.

Tags: Grantee reports, Engaging Youth, Inclusion

May 2009

Report: Making the Path as We Walk It: Changing Context and Strategy on Green Street

by Janice Astbury, Stephen Huddart and Pauline Theoret

Examines how a national Canadian environmental education program (Green Street) evolved in unpredictable ways and about the particular twist in the road that led program stakeholders to focus on scaling up in different ways than originally imagined.

Tags: Sustainability, Sustainability Education, Stephen Huddart, Engaging Youth

June 2008

Video: Santropol Roulant - Leadership and Transitions

Santropol Roulant, a youth-led meals-on-wheels organization explores transitions and leadership.

Tags: Engaging Youth, Inclusion, Innovation

June 2008

Video: Framework Foundation - Timeraiser event

The Framework Foundation prepares for a Timeraiser, an event which brings together volunteers, artists and non-profit organizations with the goal of volunteer engagement and community impact.

Tags: Resilience, Innovation, Inclusion, Engaging Youth, Sustainability

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