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Nourish, part of the Foundation's Institutional Food program, runs a national community of practice for innovators shaping the future of food in health care. From newcomers to seasoned food champions, they are developing strategies, practices, and policies that build a food culture that nourishes patients, staff, and communities. 

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Future Food: We wanted to know: what will food in the future look like? Where are we going, where do we want to be going, and what can we do to change the course? Over the next six months, we are handing the microphone over to 12 leading food thinkers in Canada to help answer these important questions. 


The Foundation's Sustainable Food Systems initiative aims at systemic change to increase local and regional sustainable food production capacity while ensuring that healthy food is accessible to all. The initiative is comprised of:

  • A select number of national grants which work across the food system to deepen or disseminate work which has been successful at a more local level
  • Three programs:

Institutional Food program:
supports the work of hospitals, long-term care facilities, universities, schools and other institutions that want to serve more healthy, local and sustainable food.


Regional Value Chain program:
supports organizations to assess their regional food systems and then develop and implement market-based interventions to address gaps identified.


Banking on Change program:
supports the transformational work of food banks across Canada by targeting food security at the community level, with a focus on the role of food banks in moving beyond emergency food aid.



Funder Collaboration

The Sustainable Food Systems initiative works in concert with other funders regionally, nationally and globally to help deepen the impact of sustainable food systems innovation. We are currently collaborating with several funder groups:

  • The Canadian Food Funders Collaborative, which focuses on collective learning and developing opportunities for collaborative work and funding;
  • The Global Alliance for the Future of Food, a coalition of foundations leveraging resources to help shift food and agriculture systems towards greater sustainability, security, and equity;
  • The Northern Manitoba Food, Culture and Community Collaborative (NMFCCC), a collaborative group of northern community members, northern advisors, funders and other organizations working together to foster healthier and stronger communities in northern Manitoba;
  • The Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders (SAFSF) group, which creates networking, educational, and collaboration opportunities for the philanthropic community working to support vibrant, healthy, and just food and farm systems.



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