Solutions Finance

Solutions Finance at McConnell

The Foundation has supported the development of the social finance marketplace in Canada since 2007. The field is maturing and we’ve seen a growing community of practice emerge that is interested in the use of financial innovation for systems change. As our experience and practice expand, and we witness the evolution of markets, we recognize that the promise and potential of this work goes beyond impact investing.

We recognize that successful systems innovation requires adequate resourcing of various kinds - financial and non-financial - involving different forms of capital allocation across multiple stages of design and implementation. In the context of our work, we’re advocating for — and adopting as our own practice — an integrated approach to deploying financial capital and adapting financial models to catalyze, sustain and scale systems transformation. In other words, Solutions Finance.

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Complimentary programs

Social Finance enables charities and non-profit organizations to diversify their approaches, access new sources of capital and increase their impact. However, it is not a panacea. Training, coaching and targeted granting support can help organizations determine whether specific tools are relevant to their needs, and ensure that they are successfully adopted. The Foundation has launched two programs to help organizations select from a growing number of options for diversifying their approach to achieving their missions – some of which are financial in nature. 


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