Inactive Foundation Initiatives


ArtsSmarts (1998-2010)

ArtsSmarts brought together artists, teachers, and students to explore the formal education curriculum using art as a means of discovery and co-learning.

Green Street (1999-2010)

A national program to encourage active participation by young people in environmental stewardship, through quality school programs developed and offered by voluntary sector organizations.

Supporting Family Caregivers (1999-2014)

A health care system that recognizes and supports the critical aid provided by family caregivers, with a core focus on respite.

Vibrant Communities (2003-2014)

A national poverty reduction initiative delivered in partnership with the Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement and the Caledon Institute of Social Policy. 

Community Service Learning (2004-2012)

Promoting a model of experiential learning that combined classroom education with volunteer work to help achieve community goals while instilling students with a sense of civic duty.

ALLIES (2007-2015)

Working with government, private, and community sector partners to support local efforts across Canada to promote the suitable employment of skilled immigrants.

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