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The Application Process

Before beginining the application process, you may wish to review the Foundation's Frequently Asked Questions about Granting (Granting FAQ).

All initial applications must be submitted online.

The complete application process consists of the following steps:

  1. Eligibility quiz: This aide will help determine whether or not an organization or project is eligible for funding.
  2. Application form: This application form will request only information necessary for the initial assessment of a proposal. 
  3. Initial review: Every application will be carefully examined. Should the Foundation decide to bring a proposal to the next step, the applicant will receive instructions on how to prepare a more detailed proposal. If your proposal cannot be funded at this time, it may be retained for future consideration. Or, if it falls outside of our granting guidelines it may be declined right away. 
  4. Extensive review: The Foundation will thoroughly review all application materials. Depending on the complexity of a grant proposal, this review process may last several months and involve ongoing communication between the Foundation and the applicant. After the process, certain proposals will be presented to the Board.
  5. Board decisions: The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees who make all granting decisions. When a proposal is approved, a letter detailing the grant's amount, duration, and terms is sent to the applicant.

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